Best Apps to Use When Traveling

When traveling on holiday, it’s important to plan ahead, particularly on long drives.

There are a number of useful apps that can make trips easier, safer and less stressful, including the following:

  • WhatsApp—WhatsApp is one of the best apps to stay connected while traveling. It connects through Wi-Fi, meaning you don’t have to worry about roaming charges. The app also lets you make long-distance phone calls for free.
  • Roomer Travel—Unexpected delays on road trips can cause you to miss a hotel reservation, which can be costly if you aren’t allowed a refund. Roomer Travel allows you to sell prepaid reservations to help recoup an otherwise lost cost.
  • iExit—The iExit app can tell you what services are available at upcoming exits. This is useful if you need to know what restaurants, hotels, gas stations and rest areas are nearby during a trip.

Make sure your phone is not a distraction while you drive. If possible, have a passenger manage any travel apps and provide directions as needed.
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