As cyberattacks become more widespread and destructive, stakeholders are increasingly motivated to hold businesses accountable for poor digital security controls, response protocols, and recovery measures. However, this poses increased litigation concerns and associated expenses. The latest industry findings show that data breach class action lawsuits have jumped by 44% since 2020. With litigation issues on...
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Risk management is an essential part of owning and operating a small business. Comprehensive plans can improve the safety of business operations and reduce the risk of loss. How to Manage Business Risks A vital aspect of running a small business involves managing its associated risks, as no operations are immune to internal or external...
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Cyber threats can impact organizations from small businesses to huge enterprises, regardless of industry. However, these events may not be covered under your property, crime, or general liability policies. Is your business protected? Click here to get a quote now!  
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Most businesses and individuals are familiar with phishing, a cyberattack technique that entails cybercriminals leveraging fraudulent emails to manipulate recipients into sharing sensitive information, clicking malicious links or opening harmful attachments. While these email-based scams remain a pressing concern, a new form of phishing—known as smishing—has emerged over the years, creating additional cyber exposures for...
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When a data breach or other cyber event occurs, the damages can be significant, often resulting in lawsuits, and serious financial losses. What’s more, cyber exposures impact businesses of all kinds, regardless of their size, industry, or status as a private or public entity. In order for organizations to truly protect themselves from cyber risks,...
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Business operations in the technology industry revolve around the functionality of computers, network connections and the Internet. It’s no secret that computer use comes with many risks, including damaging viruses, hackers, the illegal use of your system to attack others, the use of sensitive data to steal identities and other illegal actions. As a result,...
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Because of all they can offer, smartphones and tablet devices are essential to many professions’ daily operations. However, as use rises, it will become more and more important to ensure that security for these mobile devices is able to adequately protect you from new and existing threats. The need for proper phone security is no...
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