Collectible Auto

Collector car values have increased for nearly two straight years – and the market is projected to carry its gains beyond 2023. Collectible vehicles, which include trucks, motorcycles, boats, and even vintage tractors, are used for club functions, exhibitions, organized meets, tours, and even occasional pleasure driving — it just can’t be a daily driver.

You may have heard the terms: classic, vintage, or antique. But what defines each category?

  • Vintage cars typically refer to those manufactured between 1919 and 1930. An example would be the 1916 Ford Model T.
  • Antique cars refer to vehicles aged 25 or older according to the Antique Automobile Club of America.
  • Classic cars, as defined by the Classic Car Club of America, is a “fine or distinctive automobile, American or Foreign built, produced between 1915 and 1948.”

Did you know there’s a specialized market for collectibles?

Supercars, exotic cars, high-value vehicles and collections, modified cars, and even lowriders to name a few.

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