Fine Art, Jewelry, Wine & Spirits


Did you know? Analysts estimate the market for luxury goods will reach a high of $357.9 billion by 2025. Are your valuables protected?

Your homeowner’s insurance may not cover your jewelry.

Typical homeowner’s policies cover jewelry only if it is stolen, not if it is lost or misplaced. And most have a maximum limit, so if your jewelry costs more than that, you won’t be able to replace it with a similar item. The right insurance policy, specifically for jewelry and other valuables, will provide “all-risk” coverage for most causes of loss, with no deductible. That means, if you break an item, lose it, can’t find it, or it’s stolen, you’ll receive a benefit immediately, up to 150% of its value, so you can purchase another one exactly like you had.

Wine & Spirits

Whether you consider yourself a collector of fine wine and spirits, or simply enjoy the taste from time to time, there are many reasons why you should ensure your collection is protected. 

Typically, only a portion of wine and spirits are insured through a homeowner’s policy. And while some enthusiasts take pride in making sure their collections are protected in case of damage, spoilage, or loss, a surprising number is still uninsured or underinsured, especially if their collections haven’t been appraised on a regular basis.

Fine Art

More fine art items are damaged in transit and due to accidental breakage than any other source of loss. Caring for your art collection can be complicated. If you’re not sure how to best do this, you’ll want experts on hand to help. You will want an insurance company that provides a full suite of consultative collection management services to complement their policy. Working with a company that specializes in fine art can provide:

• A collection risk assessment at your home, office, or off-site location
• Guidance on proper storage and display conditions
• Fire protection and security recommendations
• General advice about preserving your collection
• Referrals to art professionals

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