PURE Insurance

Pure Insurance brought to you by Tooher-Ferraris. Coverage as unique as you are. 

PURE is a reciprocal exchange designed to protect successful families. With broad, flexible policies coverage can be tailored to the specific needs of the client. Being a member of PURE has its privilege’s. As a reciprocal exchange, policyholder’s (members) become eligible for profit distributions, if declared at the discretion of management, based on the performance of the business in that year (subject to regulatory approval).

PURE takes a proactive, concierge level approach to risk management for its member delivered by Member Advocates.

PURE’s Insurance Solutions Include:

High Value Homeowner’s | Watercraft | Automobile | Jewelry, Art & Collectibles |Personal Excess Liability | Flood | Fraud & Cyber | Luxury Home Construction & Renovation | Member Advocates | Risk Management | And Much More…

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For more details on PURE Insurance’s solutions and a guide for members, click here: PURE Brochures – all


PURE Insurance Existing Customers:

Click Here to To Login to the PURE Member Portal for Billing and other Policy Holder Service:


To Report Claims Directly with PURE Insurance:

Claims service support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To report a claim, call 888.813.7873 or email PURE at claims@pureinsurance.com.

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